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The containerized API is specifically for traders and institutions who would like to programmatically trade on Premia's orderbook. It includes all the features in the Orderbook API (please read this section for better understanding of how the orderbook works) and abstracts away all other web3 functionality needed for trading. Unlike the Orderbook API, which is hosted by Premia, the Containerized API is self hosted by the individual trader or institution either on a local computer (individual) or cloud service (institution) of choice.

Premia does not manage or maintain any private keys for users of the Containerized API.


Premia is responsible for the maintenance of the repository for the Containerized API. This repository can simply be cloned and stored either on a local computer of server. It acts as the middle man between the traders code and protocol interaction. While the contents of the docker container were written in Typescript, this is not necessarily important to a trader. Any language can be used to programmatically trade.

Even if a trader is not familiar with Typescript or Docker, the setup process is user friendly and saves considerable amount of development time. Detailed instructions on the setup of the container can be found in the repository.

Setup Instructions

Detailed setup instructions for the Containerized API can be found directly in the repository README. Once setup is complete, please review the API Reference section which provides a user friendly guide to accessing all the available endpoints.

Note about USDC vs USDCe (Bridged USDC)

IMPORTANT: The containerized api uses token symbols instead of addresses when interacting with the endpoints. When using USDC as the quote token symbol, it is implied that the token being used is USDCe (bridged USDC). Please make sure all approvals are done for USDCe, but when interacting with the container use the symbol USDC. The USDCe contract can be found here.

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