Blue Descent

Blue Descent: A name that resonates with the echoes of the deep blue sea and carries the weight of history and the promise of discovery. It's not just a name; it's a vision, a journey, a descent into the uncharted galaxy of DeFi.

From the azure hues of Premia's Origins to the vast expanse of decentralized finance, Blue Descent is the proposed beacon for the Premia Decentralized Community. It's the first step on a path less traveled, a formalized route to decentralized governance.

But why stop at the familiar "DAO"? As web3 matures, so must our language. Enter "DeSCEnt," a decentralized social collective enterprise. A term that dances with the likes of dORG(BBLLC), DisCO, or DO, yet carves its own identity, reflecting the unique vision of the Premia Ecosystem.

The path to governance is not a sprint but a marathon, an ~18-month odyssey that unfolds in layers, protections, and controls, shaped by the hands of the community.

The Community Forum and Proposal Process, targeted for the end of 2022, is a symphony in four movements, four Eras that define the evolution of Blue Descent:

  • Pre-Foundation (Q1-Q2 2023): The genesis, where Code of Conduct & Principles are forged, and Community Legal Liability Protections are set in stone.

  • Foundation (Q3-Q4 2023): The building blocks where Tools and Proposal Applications come to life, 10 Community Members rise to the Ratification Council, and the First Small Grant Fellowship is born.

  • Republic (Q1-Q2 2024): The blossoming, where the First Elected Magistrate Class takes the helm, Open Organization Creations flourish, and On-Chain Alpha Voting begins to pulse.

  • Empire (Q3-Q4 2024): The zenith, where On-Chain Beta Voting thrives, the Second Magistrate Class ascends, and Social Reputation matures into a force of nature.

Blue Descent is more than a name; it's a manifesto, a declaration of intent, and a map to a future where the Premia Ecosystem evolves into something transcendent.

Join us in this descent, this exploration, this adventure into the deep blue of DeFi. Be part of Blue Descent, and let's discover what lies beneath.

The content of this page is subject to change due to experience, new information, changes in process requirements, and the availability of resources.

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