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Premia Vaults were originally named “Meta-Vaults”, because they were designed as passive liquidity Vaults that would enable users to take advantage of the current meta for options. In competitive gaming (not too far from the PvP nature of financial markets), meta or “metagame” is a term used to refer to the top tactics and strategies at the time, used by players to optimize for a specific environment or ruleset. Similarly, Premia Vaults are meant to be used by traders and yield seekers alike, to maximize their returns and risk-management success in DeFi.

Premia v3 Vaults

The Margin Pool is a Premia Vault created in-house, intended to provide leverage to sell-side options on The Premia Protocol. This Vault will go live immediately after the launch of the V3 protocol, enabling lenders to earn interest relative to their risk, and option sellers to maintain lower capital requirements for their positions.

In addition, there are other Vaults planned and being developed to go live in the near future. This includes the well-known C-Level Vault (Premia V2 Sell-Side Pools) and Knox Vaults, brought forward from the previous version of our platform by popular demand. These Vaults implement option selling strategies, to attempt to earn passive income. We look forward to adding additional composable Vaults to the platform, including Market-Making implementations in the future.

3rd Party Vaults

Vaults can be created permissionlessly by anyone, to deploy strategies utilizing the Premia Protocol. Over time, we will be implementing a Contributor program, for showcasing Third-party Vaults on the Premia Interface, enabling Premia to benefit from increased volume and vault creators to benefit from performance fees. Reach out to build with us!

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