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Premia Prohibited & Conditional Use Policy

Premia Ecosystem Safety Policies

Effective Date: August 2023

These policies are crucial for maintaining a secure ecosystem and are applicable to your activities on the Premia platform, including your Premia Account and usage of, Premia APIs, Premia mobile applications, and any other Premia websites (collectively referred to as the "Premia Site"). For further details, please consult our User Agreement. If you have inquiries about how these requirements affect you, feel free to reach out to us at

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Prohibited Activity Categories

You are prohibited from using your Premia Account for the following activities:

1. Unlawful Activity:

  • Engaging in or aiding activities that violate laws, regulations, or sanctions programs of countries where Premia operates, including OFAC regulations.

  • Publishing, distributing, or sharing illegal materials or information.

2. Abusive Activity:

  • Actions overloading or interfering with our infrastructure.

  • Transmitting harmful programs or material like viruses to the Premia Site.

  • Unauthorized access attempts, password mining, or transferring account access without permission.

3. Abuse of Other Users:

  • Interfering with others' access to Premia Services.

  • Defaming, harassing, or violating others' rights.

  • Collecting information about others without proper consent.

4. Fraud:

  • Attempting to defraud Premia or its users.

  • Providing false information to Premia.

5. Unlawful Gambling:

  • Engaging in unapproved gambling activities.

6. Intellectual Property Infringement:

  • Participating in transactions involving copyrighted, trademarked, or proprietary items without authorization.

  • Unauthorized use of Premia's intellectual property.

Prohibited Businesses

In addition to the above Prohibited Uses, the following business categories are barred from using Premia Services:

1. Investment and Credit Services:

  • Securities brokers, investment schemes, credit counseling, and real estate opportunities.

2. Restricted Financial Services:

  • Check cashing, collections agencies, bail bonds.

3. Intellectual Property or Proprietary Rights Infringement:

  • Sale or distribution of counterfeit copyrighted materials.

4. Counterfeit or Unauthorized Goods:

  • Unauthorized resale of brand name products, stolen items.

5. Regulated Products and Services:

  • Sale of restricted items, including marijuana, tobacco, firearms, and more.

6. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia:

  • Sale of controlled substances or drug-related equipment.

7. Pseudo-Pharmaceuticals:

  • Selling health products without proper regulatory approval.

8. Substances Mimicking Illegal Drugs:

  • Selling legal items mimicking illegal drugs.

9. Adult Content and Services:

  • Sale of explicit materials and sexually-related services.

10. Multi-level Marketing:

  • Pyramid schemes and referral marketing programs.

11. Unfair, Predatory, or Deceptive Practices:

  • Unscrupulous investment opportunities, services without value, and unfair sites.

12. High-Risk Businesses:

  • Businesses posing financial or legal risk.

For certain business categories or uses, explicit written consent from Premia is needed before utilizing Premia Services. These categories include:

1. Money Services:

  • Money transmitters, digital currency exchanges, resellers of Premia Services.

2. Charities:

  • Nonprofit enterprises accepting donations.

3. Games of Skill:

  • Skill-based games awarding prizes.

4. Religious/Spiritual Organizations:

  • For-profit religious or spiritual organizations.

To use Premia Services for these categories, contact us at Consent may lead to additional conditions, representations, enhanced onboarding, and operating restrictions.

These guidelines are representative but not exhaustive. For any uncertainties regarding Prohibited Uses, Prohibited Businesses, or specific categories needing consent, contact us at

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