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Meta Economics

Premia Token Economics
Recently overhauled in coordination with Parliament and Community Revised Tokenomics and Emissions will be available shortly

Premia's New Dawn: A Tokenomics Odyssey -Approved by Governance Vote Aug 2023

1. Token Allocation Re-Categorizations:
  • Blue Descent's Rise: ~22% of the total 100M token allocation has transitioned from Premian Republic to Blue Descent (DAO).
  • Liquidity Mining's Bounty: ~30% of the total supply is dedicated to Liquidity Mining, including Options Liquidity Mining and the AirDrip Initiative.
  • Re-vesting the Future: ~20% of total supply re-vested for four more years as of Jan 15, 2023.
2. Protocol Fees: A Triumvirate of Power:
  • Base, Margin, and Vault Layers: A cascade of fees and commissions that flow into three distinct realms.
  • Staking Users, Premian Republic, and Insurance Fund: The beneficiaries of these fees, each playing a vital role in the ecosystem.
  • Guardian of the Protocol: Ensuring bad-debt payoff and potential rehypothecation for other protocol purposes.
  • The Power of Staking: Wallets staking PREMIA tokens partake in a pro-rata share of fees.
  • Locked vxPREMIA's Influence: Fee Discounts up to 60% for EOA’s and 30% for Smart Contracts, with lock-in periods incentivizing long-term commitment.
5. Hydraulic Solutions Framework & Options Liquidity Mining:
  • A New Era of Mining: Replacement of traditional liquidity mining with Premia Call Options at a 45% discount.
  • Harmonic Balance: A novel mechanism benefiting both liquidity providers and staking users.
6. AirDrip Initiative and Liquidity Mining Emissions Schedule:
  • The AirDrip Initiative: 10M tokens allocated, with 2M immediately dropped to vxPREMIA holders.
  • Liquidity Mining's Dual Buckets: 16M split into two buckets of 8M each, allocated over various periods and purposes.
7. Public Redux of Economic Market & Investment Access:
  • A Commitment to Community: Emphasizing transparency and dedication to decentralized finance's future.
Premia's revamped tokenomics is a symphony of innovation, aligning interests, empowering stakeholders, and pioneering sustainable growth. It's a dance of numbers and strategy, a game of influence and rewards, all woven into the fabric of a decentralized future. The Premia ecosystem is not just evolving; it's metamorphosing into something more profound, resilient, and aligned with the true spirit of decentralization. Welcome to the new age of Premia! 🚀