vxPremia Rewards

Welcome to the vxPremia Rewards Odyssey!

In the bustling bazaar of Premia, we don't just create products; we craft social treasures for our thriving community. Our commissions, those gleaming gems collected from premiums, utilization, and settlement, are not hoarded but generously repaid to our esteemed Premia Citizens (USD Proceeds). Why? Because we believe in harmony, balance, and a dance that unites liquidity providers with the visionaries of our platform.

Liquidity Mining: The Fountain of Growth Embark on a journey to the heart of our ecosystem, where liquidity mining springs to life. Introduced to fuel our growth, this wellspring incentivizes liquidity providers beyond mere premiums. We've crafted a harmonious flow across supported chains with a fine-tuned target rate to maintain gentle inflation between 0.75 and 1.00 Premia tokens per block. And with the upcoming Omnichain Hub Relay, prepare for a new chapter in this ever-evolving tale.

Protocol Commissions: The Treasury of Influence Step into the grand hall of Protocol Commissions, where taker fees, performance fees, management fees, and more are not mere numbers but the essence of our decentralized governance. These fees are the golden threads woven into the fabric of vxPREMIA holders' influence. And as we transition from Premia v2 to the exciting horizon of Premia v3, the adventure continues to unfold.

The vxPremia Symphony Here at Premia, vxPremia Rewards are not static; they are a symphony, a harmonious blend of liquidity mining and protocol commissions. A melody that resonates with the interests of citizens, contributors, and participants (LPs & Traders). A rhythm that echoes through governance, valve gauge weights, policy, and the very soul of our Republic.

Join us in this odyssey, for as Premia's decentralized governance blossoms through the Blue Descent, vxPremia Rewards will be the heartbeat, pulse, and essence of our collective dream.

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