Premian Assembly

The Premia protocol is community governed and managed.

The Premian Assembly: A name that echoes through the digital halls of the Premia Ecosystem, a name that stands as a beacon of governance and embodies the very essence of decentralized decision-making.

In the world of Premia, the Assembly is not just a mechanism; it's a symphony of voices, a confluence of ideas, a dance of proposals and votes that shape the very fabric of the protocol.

Community Proposals ("Preliminary Vote"): The whispers of change, the seeds of innovation, the sparks that ignite the flame. Any member holding 100 Premia Tokens or more can submit a community vote, a call to action that may blossom into a Core Implementation Proposal.

Signal Proposals ("Signal Vote"): The gentle nudges, the probing questions, the subtle hints. Core members submit these to gauge the heartbeat of the community, to feel the pulse of interest. They are the whispers in the wind, non-binding yet powerful.

Implementation Proposals ("Core Vote"): The thunderclaps, the crescendos, the climaxes. These propositions transform, evolve, and become part of the Premia Ecosystem's DNA.

With the advent of the vxPremia model and the majestic path to decentralized governance known as Blue Descent, the Assembly has evolved into the "P3 - Premian Publication Process," a formal improvement proposal voting system that promises to be a new dawn. More Details

What is a P3? It's a beacon, a guide, a map. Adapted from the EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal), the P3 ensures that changes to Premia are as transparent as crystal and as well-governed as a wise old council.

P3 Roles: The Author, the Mod, the Sponsor. The dreamers, the guardians, the champions.

P3 Status Codes: From DRAFT to PUBLISHED, from inception to realization.

P3 Type Codes: Concept, Task, & Reference. The what, the how, the need-to-know.

P3 Rationale: The why, the reason, and the soul of the proposal.

P3 Work Flow: A dance, a journey, a process that involves the author, the moderator, the sponsor, and the Premia community.

Mod Status: From Rejected to Executed, from Deferred to Active. The lifecycle of a proposal.

What Makes a Successful P3?: The MetaContent, the Summary, the Abstract, the Motivation, the Specification, the Rationale, the Test Cases, and the Copyright Waiver. The ingredients of success.

P3 Formats and Templates: The structure, the form, and the vessel that carries the idea.

The Premian Assembly is not just a governance mechanism; it's a living, breathing entity. It's the heart and soul of the Premia Ecosystem, the place where ideas are born, nurtured, debated, and realized.

Join the Assembly, be part of the dance, add your voice to the symphony, and let's shape the future of Premia together.

With the implementation of the vxPremia model and the upcoming path to decentralized governance Blue Descent, this process is now the "P3 - Premian Publication Process," a formal improvement proposal voting system.

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