Premia Parliament Formation - Passed and Implemented by Governance Vote

Abstract: The Premia Parliament is a visionary assembly of 10 motivated community members united by a vested stakeholder interest in the flourishing of the Premia Ecosystem.

Motivation: The need for community involvement grows as the Premia Ecosystem matures. The Parliament is a joint task force of Premia Core and Elected Community members tasked with guiding the Premia Ecosystem into its next chapter.


  • Purpose: To formalize the path to a Decentralized Organization, focusing on Premia tokenomics, Commission splits, meta-economy aspects, new initiatives, product reviews, legal collaboration, continuous ratifications, and democratizing the governance process.

  • Expectations & Requirements: Parliament members must commit 6 to 20 hours per month, with weekly call attendance. The position is paid in Premia Tokens, with privacy solutions future generationsfor those who wish to remain anonymous.

  • Timelines: Application and Election periods were outlined, with the top 10 candidates ratified as Parliament Members.

  • Candidates: A diverse list of community members submitted their candidacy.

Conclusion: The formation of the Premia Parliament marks a significant milestone in the journey toward decentralized governance. With temporary email addresses, NFT Badges, and a transparent communication process, the Parliament is poised to set the groundwork for future generations.

Additional Details: The Parliament's formation includes specific timelines, voting procedures, and candidate information. The process ensures transparency, inclusivity, and a commitment to the long-term success of the Premia community. For more insights, visit the Parliament Formation Notes.

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