Amendments & Updates

Amendments and Updates

At Premia, we are committed to providing you with the most innovative and secure financial platform possible. To ensure you're always in the loop regarding our terms and conditions, we've implemented a seamless process for amendments and updates.

Every time you sign into the Premia platform, you implicitly re-agree with our terms and conditions. This means that you're automatically consenting to any recent amendments or updates we've made. We believe in informing you about changes that could affect your experience or interactions with the platform. Thus, you will see a Last Updated Date on the Signature request.

Staying updated is crucial to making the most of your financial journey with us. We recommend that you regularly review our terms and conditions to ensure you're aware of any modifications. Rest assured, any adjustments we make are aimed at enhancing your security, usability, and overall experience.

Thank you for choosing Premia as your partner in DeFi exploration. Your trust and engagement drive us to refine and improve our platform continuously.

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