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Premia Ecosystem Offers & Programs

On the Premia Platform, many different incentive programs exist; check them out!

1. Advocate Program

  • Learn and Earn: Educate yourself and earn rewards.

  • Refer Friends: Receive rewards for referring friends to the platform.

  • Content Creators: Special incentives for content creators.

  • Combination: Can be combined with the Affiliate Program for additional benefits.

2. Affiliate Program

  • Monetize Network: Earn back commissions by leveraging your network.

  • Commission Tiers: Four commission tiers available (5%, 10%, 20%, ?%).

  • Personalized Referral Links: Top affiliates receive personalized referral links.

  • Combination: Can be combined with the Advocate Program for additional benefits.

3. Market Maker Program

  • Competitive Fees: Offers competitive fee schedules compared to centralized exchanges.

  • Rebates: Provides rebates based on trading volume.

  • Tight Spreads: Tight spreads lead to rebates and discounts.

  • OTC Trades: Over-the-counter trades are KYC enabled.

  • Composability: All options are composable with AMM.

  • Programmatic Trading: Allows programmatic quotes/trading via API or SDK.

4. Broker / Institutional Program

  • Best Execution: Payment for order flow with the best execution.

  • Routing Orders: Route orders to Premia and receive a percentage of the taker fees collected.

  • Commissions/Spreads: Commissions and spreads are acceptable.

  • Programmatic Trading: Allows programmatic quotes/orders via API or SDK.

These programs offer a variety of ways for individuals, content creators, market makers, and institutions to engage with Premia's platform, earn rewards, and benefit from customized services. Whether through direct referrals, monetizing networks, or specialized trading programs, Premia provides diverse opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. To learn more about who to contact, check out VIP & Institutional Services.

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