Premia is a peer-to-peer options exchange and settlement engine built for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The protocol is designed to provide a set of smart contracts that advance open finance by prioritizing security, self-custody, automatic execution without a trusted intermediary, and permissionless use of financial primitives.

There are currently three versions of the Premia protocol:

Premia v1: Peer-to-peer order-book based options exchange

  • Launched early 2021

  • Deprecated late 2021

Premia v2: AMM-based options exchange

  • Launched late 2021

Premia v3: Concentrated AMM-based options exchange w/ peer-to-peer order network

  • Launched Q3 2023

The protocol has advanced in functionality and efficiency with each new iteration. Previous versions will remain accessible with 100% uptime (even post-deprecation) via the Ethereum blockchain (though some features might not be maintained, such as the volatility surface for each token).

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